Business Buzz Podcast - Old Dogs & New Tricks


April 16, 2021 Business Buzz Season 1 Episode 4
Business Buzz Podcast - Old Dogs & New Tricks
Show Notes

From headhunter to peace maker, our guest Tom Nash levels with us, from his yellow, velvet wingback on his penchant for contentious circumstances. Who would think that a more rewarding  lifestyle would be found in divorce after escaping the high stress city life?  Was it out of the frying pan into the fire for Tom?..  Listen in to find out.

Today’s question for the COACH’S COUCH with host Gill Gayk

  • How do you respond when your content is used by/sold by others as if its their own

Do you wonder what is ANGERING ANGUS…lover of the acronym Angus Grady gives us a new definition of

  • KPIs -  Knowledge Pinching Individuals. 

Guest Contact:

Tom Nash, Mr Divorce Coach


t:  07725 034115


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